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Standing Up To Crimes Opening

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Standing Up To Crimes Opening:

Crossroads of America Council

Equipment: Wolf Book
Personnel: Six Cub Scouts

(The first boy holds the Wolf book and then passes it on to the next in line as the lines are read.)

1st Cub: As boys and their families joined Cub Scouts they learned the Cub Scout promise.

2nd Cub: When we say we'll do something, that is a promise ‑ we promise to do obey the law of the Pack.

3rd Cub: Then we promise to do our duty to God.

4th Cub: Then we promise to do our duty to our Country. This means we should do what we can for our country, be proud that we are Americans and obey the laws of the land.

5th Cub: Next we promise to help other people which means you should do things for others that would please them.

6th Cub: Lastly, we promise to obey our leaders and parents. All of this, we promise to do.

All: Please rise and join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Cub Crime Prevention Tips

York Adams Area Council

  1. To help make things safer, we offer these tips,
    On everything from school to going on trips.

  2. Make sure that you know your full name and phone number,
    So if you should need them you don’t stop and wonder.

  3. Learn from your parents where you’re safe to go
    That way if you’re walking, which way they will know.

  4. Be alert in your neighborhood and note what you see
    Tell an adult if you think “It didn’t look good to me.”

  5. Don’t let your feelings get you in a fight,
    Make friends or walk away whether you’re wrong or right.

  6. And finally, remember, put safety number one
    So no one gets hurt and all will have fun.

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