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ALL: We Will Do Our Best!! DC

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ALL: We Will Do Our Best!!

DC: Will you please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance?
Kids Against Crime Opening

Alice, Golden Empire Council

Materials: Have large letters spelling out Kids Against Crime and assign one boy for each letter. Put the assigned script in large letters on the back of each letter.

You will need 16 Cubs (or Cubs and Siblings) and a Cubmaster (CM)

Have the first five boys run out and hold up their letters to spell out CRIME.

CM: Crime is not welcome in our neighborhood – but it comes in many forms.

  1. (holding up letter C) Coming home after dark can be scary, especially for an elderly neighbor without a working porch light.

  2. (holding up letter R) Repairing broken windows and door locks helps keep my house safe.

  3. (holding up letter I) I had my bike stolen when I left it outside just for a minute!

  4. (holding up letter M) My neighborhood is really dark at night.

  5. (holding up letter E) Everyone on my street leaves their garage door up during the day.

CM: So, Scouts, what can Scouts and other Kids do about CRIME?

  1. (runs out holding up letter K and stands to the right of the CRIME holders) Know who to call and what to say and do in an emergency – Practice so you remember in a real emergency!

  2. (runs out holding up letter I and stands to the left of Letter K) I can pay attention when I see something wrong and tell an adult what I saw, where it is happening, and who is doing it..

  3. (runs out holding up letter D and stands to the left of Letter I) But DON’T put yourself in Danger! Let the police do the job!

  4. (runs out holding up letter S and stands to the left of Letter D) Be SURE to close and lock windows and doors when you leave your house – including the garage door!

CM: OK, so scouts, how do you feel about Crime?

Seven other boys or a mix of boys and parents,

run out, push in between the two groups,
hold up their letters spelling out
AGAINST and shout on signal:

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