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Honesty is the Best Policy Opening

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Honesty is the Best Policy Opening

Alice, Golden Empire Council

Set Up:
Each boy comes out in turn with a picture that relates to his remarks; words can be written on the back of the picture in LARGE print. Pictures can be drawn by the boys, found at Google images, or enlarged from the examples shown here.

Another boy can be assigned to uncover large letters that spell out HONESTY one by one as each boy reads his part.

Emcee: This month, we have been studying honesty. It’s not always a simple thing to be honest, and some people have learned that Honesty is the Best Policy as a result of the consequences of not always being Honest. But every scout can Do his BEST to be honest in every way.

  1. (holds up picture of the Coast Guard symbol) Honor and integrity are standards for the Coast Guard –they pledge to be loyal, forthright and truthful.

  2. (holds up a picture of Davy Crockett) Owning up to his mistakes helped Davy Crockett learn to value being honest & dependable.

  1. Holds up a picture of a lighthouse) National Lighthouse Day on August 7th honors the steadfast keepers of the light who remained at their post even in the face of danger.

  2. Holds up a picture of George Washington) Even though George Washington didn’t really cut down a cherry tree, that story was a result of his reputation as an honest man.

  3. Holds up a picture of Abraham Lincoln) Sometimes we have a chance to be honest even though we haven’t been dishonest on purpose – like “Honest Abe” Lincoln, who walked many miles to return a few cents when he found his store’s scale had been wrong.

  4. (Holds up a picture of a Boy Scout) Trustworthy is one of the 12 points of the Scout Law – Every scout is Trustworthy.

  5. (holds up a picture of Pinocchio) You may not have a cricket to remind you to be honest, but you do have a conscience to help guide you – and your nose may not grow longer each time you tell a lie, but people will know if you are honest and true!

Emcee: Our country’s flag has been defended through history by those who are honest and steadfast and true. Let us now prepare to honor that flag.
(Go into Flag Ceremony)

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