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Kids Against Crime Ideas

Safe to do when Home Alone? NO!!

  • Provide copies of coloring and activity pages from for kids to work on – The National Crime Prevention Council website has all kinds of activities, games and coloring pages to address everything from bullying to home alone issues.

  • Using brochures from local police departments, challenge each boy, family or den to make a poster with some ideas on making their home or neighborhood safer.

  • Using Thomas Bros. or another map source, provide a list of local police departments and substations, places where information about safety and crime prevention can be found – encourage dens and families to visit and find out how to make their homes and neighborhoods safe from crime.

  • Invite a Neighborhood Watch speaker to share ideas on making a neighborhood safe.

  • Display pictures of scouts in action using their fix it, carpentry skills and yard clean up skills to make the homes of elderly in the community safer and less likely to be the target of crime. For example, a scout parent and scout can replace porch lights, install a motion detector light, trim back hedges, install or re-paint address numbers, put in more secure window and door locks, while the scout learns valuable skills.

  • Invite a local representative from the police department to share information about safety on the street and in the home.

  • Go to the McGruff website for some great ideas about kids fighting crime.

  • If the patches are still available in your area, work on the Crime Prevention Patch – requirements are rank and age-based. This would be a great pack family activity.

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