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Search for Honesty

Alice, Golden Empire Council

Before the meeting, hide word strips throughout the room – each word strip should have a word or phrase that relates to honesty. You can use the words above in the Word Search puzzle, or go to a thesaurus for some additional ideas. Divide the boys into two teams and allow a short time to find the words. The team with the largest number of words found in the time allowed wins. But be sure to talk about the words or phrases, so everyone understands what they mean.

Mistaken Identities

2010-2011 CS RT Planning Guide

As each person enters the room, randomly give him or her a name tag with someone else’s name on it. Then ask each person to circulate around the room and find the person with his or her name tag and make a switch. Continue until at least half the participants have their own name tag.

Amazing Flying Machine (Bomb Pops)

Alice, Golden Empire Council


5 Craft sticks

(large ones - tongue depressors work best)


  • Weave the 5 sticks together as shown.

  • Fly like a Frisbee.

  • The plane “explodes” on contact with the ground or other surfaces.

  • Assemble it again, and have more fun.

Note: I used this as the Gathering Activity for a whole den meeting about Honesty – and told the boys when they arrived that we were going to be doing some Weaving. See VALUE RELATED for the rest of the activities - Alice

Water Safety

Alice, Golden Empire Council

Have a display about Water Safety – include information about life jacket lending programs in your area. Go over Safe Swim and/or Safety Afloat. Boys, dens or families could make posters to show important information about safety on or near the water.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Alice, Golden Empire Council

August is National Water Quality Month –
and water quality is something each of us can have an effect on.

If you enlarge the picture, you should be able to find six things that would cause pollution of the water.

If you want even more great activities and puzzles, go to:

Stormwater Kid’s Pages at:

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