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Communicating Belt Loop

Complete these three requirements:

  1. Tell a story or relate an incident to a group of people, such as your family, den, or members of your class.

  2. Write and send a letter to a friend or relative.

  3. Make a poster about something that interests you. Explain the poster to your den.

Communicating Academics Pin

Earn the Communicating belt loop, and complete five of the following requirements:

  1. Write an original poem or story.

  2. Keep a journal of daily activities for at least seven days.

  3. Listen to a news story on television or the radio. Discuss the information with an adult.

  4. Go to the library. Use the card catalog or computer reference system to find a book, and then check it out.

  5. Read a book that has been approved by your parent or teacher. Discuss the book with an adult.

  6. With a friend, develop a skit. Perform it at a Scout meeting, family meeting, or school event.

  7. Learn the alphabet in sign language and demonstrate it to your den or an adult family member by showing how to sign 10 words.

  8. With an adult, use the Internet to search for information on a topic of interest to you.

  9. Watch three television commercials and discuss the information in them with your parent or den leader.

  10. Read the directions for a new game. Explain to a family member or friend how to play it.

  11. Learn about "reading" materials for people who have poor vision or who are blind. Tell your den or an adult family member about what you have learned.

  12. While traveling, make a list of road signs, animals, or license plates that you see. Tell your den or an adult family member about what you have learned.


Check out your local and school library, as well as a local university or community college for resources on communicating.

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