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Cubmaster’s Minute

Lord Baden‐Powell, the founder of Scouting, said, “Honesty is a form of honor. An honorable man can be

trusted with any amount of money or other valuables with the certainty that he will not steal it.” When you feel inclined to cheat in order to win a game, just say to yourself, “After all, it is only a game. It won’t hurt me to lose.” If you keep your head this way, you will often find that you are a winner after all.
Opening Ceremony

Preparation: Prepare cards with the letters H O N E S T Y on them. Write the lines below on the back of

the cards.

Denner: Being honest means many things. The dictionary states that an honest person will not lie, cheat,

or steal. Other words associated with honesty are:

CUB SCOUT 1: Honor your word.

CUB SCOUT 2: Obey the law.

CUB SCOUT 3: Never cheat.

CUB SCOUT 4: Everyone’s property deserves respect.

CUB SCOUT 5: Stand for what’s right.

CUB SCOUT 6: Tell the truth.

CUB SCOUT 7: You can be trusted.

Denner: You are on the right track to happiness if you practice being honest. Please stand and repeat the Pledge of Allegiance.

Closing Ceremony

Gather everyone in a circle. All pack members, families, and guests join together by crossing their arms right over left and grasping the hands of the people on either side of them. Offer a closing thought about the fun of the past year, the fun of the year to come with new Cub Scouts who will join, and new adventures for everyone. Ask each person to turn to their left and say good night, then turn to their right and say good

night. Or… if you have the arms right over left over everyone they can gently turn lifting their arms and facing outwards “to the month ahead.”

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