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Pamela, North Florida Council

This month’s theme choices definitely fit together. I would recommend asking the local police to come be your guests and speak at your Pack meeting. You can do this by contacting their human resources department and requesting an officer or 2 to come. In order for this to be successful you should contact them as early as possible. A month or 2 before especially in larger populated areas is highly recommended. Some departments have groups that specifically train to work with children such as the DARE program. Ask if they have a finger printing program. Some do and some don’t. Another alternative to this is that some organizations have a Kid Identification Program where they take pictures of the children, take their finger prints and give the parents the card afterward. The children usually enjoy this and the records are on file with the parents only. Some departments have large vehicles used for education purposes. Ask what kind of programs they have. Remember if they are your guest speakers to thank them publicly in front of the children. A small token of appreciation that could be hand made from all of you goes a long way. Many times the police are the last ones who are thanked for the services they do provide at the daily exposure to harm that they endure to protect others.


C.S.#1: As a good citizen I will try to be helpful and kind.

C.S.#2: I will strive to take good care of all property and practice safety and health rules.

C.S.#3: I will practice thrift and good work habits.

C.S.#4: I will show a respect for authority. I will be honest and dependable.

C.S.#5: Fair play and good manners will be my goal.

C.S.#6: I will take pride in achieving and be patriotic and loyal to my hometown and country.

Run on

Cub #1: I am one.

Cub #2: Two is company.

Cub #3: Three is a crowd.

Cub #4: (Silent)

Cub #5: (Silent)

Cub #6: What are four and five?

Cub #7: Nine

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