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Where am I?

Commissioner Dave is at Commissioner's Week at Philmont Training Center. George Costigan from National Cap and he are leading the Effective Roundtables session.

And where am I going?

Over the last three months, Judy Harper, the, webmaster for has been working on a transition. She has been preparing more and more of Baloo's Bugle and I have been doing less and less. This month Judy takes over as the Editor, Compiler, Formatting Guru, Mother Hen of Baloo's 's Bugle. And in August I begin learning what is needed to keep up to date. I will remain as a contributor to Baloo's Bugle. I am not leaving The Bugle entirely; I will be maintaining and submitting several regular features and some occasional stuff that I find on my travels. Judy's E-mail is Drop her a note to thank her and wish her luck!

My first issue was Volume 9, #10. This is Volume 19, #11 So, if you did the math, that is over 10 years at the helm of Baloo's Bugle. A long time! I have seen it grow (perhaps a little too much. I have seen it transition from the old themes to Core Values to Core Values and supplemental themes. I have felt your love and appreciation in E-mails, at Pow Wows I visited, at National Camp School (in Massachusetts) and at the Philmont Training Center when my secret identity was exposed.

It took me a long time to find someone with whom I would entrust with The Bugle. You can't just walk away from something that has been a part of your life for ten plus years and leave 100,000 plus people in a lurch. Judy is great! She is doing a great job. And she will personalize Baloo as I have over the years and it will be better.

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