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And Other Resources


  • Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide;

  • Cub Scout How To Book;

  • Boys’ Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos Hand books;

  • Cub Scout Leader Book;

  • Cub Scout Ceremonies Book;

  • Family Fun Magazine.

From Steve Leth, Training Chair,
White Horse District, Southern NJ Council

  • - The BSA's main website. (By the way - BSA.ORG is actually the Business Software Alliance, a trade group that campaigns against computer software piracy.)

  • - The BSA National Supply Division

  • - Southern New Jersey Council

  • - An independent treasure trove of Scouting information, including Baloo's Bugle.

  • - Source for the Cub Grub Cookbook. You can save a copy on your PC by selecting File, Save As... in your web browser's menu bar.

Alice, Golden Empire Council

  • international organization that connects givers with projects and initiatives all over the world. You can choose an area from a world map. In addition to providing heifers, the giver can also choose to give as little as $10 for a share in a seedlings donation, $20 for a flock of chicks, various “baskets” for $60 and up; lots of different projects to choose from, as well as explanations of the value of each gift to the recipients. Information on how to start or support an urban garden.

  • website for a national day of service on the fourth weekend of October every year. Lots of ideas on how an individual, family, den or pack could participate. You can win funding, vacations and various prizes for participating.

  • go to volunteer services, then click on volunteer opportunities checklist; use the locator to look for opportunities for kids, youth in a given zip code.

  • The Points of Light Foundation, the non-profit partner in USA WEEKEND's Make A Difference Day, is the nation's leader in promoting more effective volunteering and awareness of the importance of volunteering.

  • links to all kinds of giving opportunities; click on resources to go to lists by category

  • Newman's Own: Paul Newman, a Make A Difference Day judge and supporter, site also includes information on his summer camps for kids who have cancer and blood diseases.

  • America's Promise: Founded in Philadelphia, at the Presidents' Summit for America's Future, America's Promise aims to provide every at-risk child in America with access to all resources they need.

  • The Corporation for National Service oversees three national service initiatives: Americorps allows people of all ages to earn help paying for education in exchange for a year of service. Learn and Serve America supports teachers and community members who involve young people in service that relates to their school studies. National Senior Service Corps helps people age 55 and older find service opportunities related to their interests.

  • The National Assembly: This is a great stop for anyone interested in human service as a career. Dedicated to youth development, their homepage includes a newsletter and the On-line Directory for over 2000 Internships in Youth Development.

  • Global Service Corps invites you to address social inequities and environmental problems around the world. At the same time, you can experience learning and friendship through working with, and living in the homes and communities of Global Service Corps partners and hosts in Kenya, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Thailand. This experience is available through volunteer project trips as well as longer term volunteer opportunities.

  • Volunteers of America 49 community-based service organizations throughout the U.S. offer more than 160 different programs that help people including children, youth, the elderly, families in crisis, the homeless, people with disabilities or mental illness, and ex-offenders returning to society.

  • The Volunteers in Technical Assistance (VITA) is a not-for-profit private voluntary organization which was established by scientists and engineers to respond to technical inquiries from people in developing countries. VITA collects, refines, and disseminates information that helps to improve food production, minister health needs, increase productivity of businesses, generate higher incomes, and preserve natural resources.

  • offers a variety of online services to support a community of nonprofit, volunteer and business leaders committed to civic engagement.

  • Ohio's Governor's Community Service Council is Ohio's state office of volunteerism and community service. 

Journey to Excellence:

Games, Games, Games
If you search the web for group games, you can get hundreds of listings. Here are a few that I have found:
They have a section for group games. You can search based on the age of the boys, the type of game, or by game name. They also have a listing of all the belt loops to help you play those games as well.
These games are geared toward kids. They have some of everything and are listed by categories. This site can help with group games as well as pre-openers. It is a database of games compiled by many people, so as you read the rules you can see different people’s style of writing.
This site lists lots and lots of games. They have some in categories and others are just listed. They have a search engine as well. They are not listed by age so you will have to read the rules of the games to decide if they are right for your group. They do give variations for how to play many games.
This site offers free game ideas as well as sells things for games. It seems to focus on products for disabled children. I haven’t purchased anything from them, but the game listing is organized and easy to understand. They have a newsletter you can subscribe to as well as a monthly game to play.
This site has what it calls two volumes of games in a PDF format. The first volume is for younger scouts and the second for older scouts. It is easy to navigate and find the type of game you are looking for. They even have a listing of games called Scouting Games by Baden-Powell; great fun all year long. This site has other information for basic cub scouting, as well.

Den & Pack Meeting Help:

Baloo’s Bugle:

Links to theme related publications:

Crafts, Games, & Activities:


Sports & Games:

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