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Peanut Butter S'mores

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, & Verdugo Hills Councils


2 pkgs chocolate covered peanut butter cups - 16 ounces

8 graham cracker squares

4 large marshmallows


  • Instructions:

  • Place 1 peanut butter cup on each of 4 crackers. 

  • Spear marshmallows on long fork or clean stick;

  • Toast them over campfire coals or over grill on low heat.

  • Set a toasted marshmallow on top of each peanut butter cup

  • Top each with cracker. 

  • Press together and hold for a few seconds to melt chocolate.

Roll Up S’Mores

Alice, Golden Empire Council


Chocolate Chips

Mini Marshmallows

8” flour tortilla

Aluminum Foil


  • Spoon two Tablespoons of chocolate chips and 12 mini marshmallows onto the center of the flour tortilla.

  • Roll up like a burrito, wrap in the foil.

  • On campfire coals, heat for 4 minutes, turning halfway. 

  • On a grill, double the time to 8 minutes total. 

  • When the foil is cool enough to hold, fold down foil on one end and enjoy!

Baked S’Mores

Utah National Parks


1 box favorite brownie mix

1 pkg graham crackers

1 ½ cup mini marshmallows


  • In a 9x13 baking pan, layer graham crackers.

  • Mix brownies according to direction on package.

  • Pour brownie batter over graham cracker layer,

  • Bake as directed on package.

  • Immediately remove from oven and sprinkle marshmallows over top.

  • Place back into warm oven for about one minute or until marshmallows are soft.

Download 5.45 Mb.

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