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Ice Cream Sandwiches to Celebrate on Aug. 2nd

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Ice Cream Sandwiches
to Celebrate on Aug. 2nd

Alice, Golden Empire Council



  • Pre-freeze the cookie sheets for a few hours so that they are well chilled.

  • Make a batch of your favorite homemade ice cream or use store-bought that has been softened to a spreadable consistency. (This can be achieved quickly in the microwave; microwave at half power until you get the consistency required for spreading - about 3-5 minutes.)

  • Spread the ice cream in a cookie sheet.

  • Place in the freezer and freeze until very firm.

  • Remove from freezer and use cookie cutters to cut out shapes.

  • Place the cut-outs on the other frozen cookie sheets to minimize melting.

  • Work quickly; you may need to make about half of the cutouts and then return the ice cream to the freezer to refreeze slightly before making the rest.

  • Decorate the shapes with sprinkles or candy and enjoy!

  • Use different flavors of ice cream to create appropriately colored cut-outs. For example, you can make pink (strawberry) pigs, green (mint chocolate chip) Christmas trees, brown (chocolate) footballs, etc. Use your imagination!

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