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Webelos & Arrow of Light Dens

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Webelos & Arrow of Light Dens

Aquanaut – Do any of the requirements at a den swimming or beach party; be sure to follow the rules of Safe Swim.

Athlete #5, 6, 7, 8, 9 – While working on these requirements, be completely honest in reporting your progress.

Fitness #4 – While keeping a record of what you eat, be sure that you report with honesty all that you eat.

Sportsman # 2, 3, 4 – While participating in sports, show good sportsmanship and be honest in how you play.

Citizen #6 – Tell how our National Anthem was written.

Citizen #11, 12 & 13 – While doing these requirements, consider honesty and integrity as one of the qualities of the person you report on.

Communicator #7 – Visit the newsroom of a newspaper, radio or TV studio and find out how they receive information; ask how they confirm that they have the facts and not just rumor.

Family Member #2, 4, 9, 10, 11 – Talk with your family about other jobs you can do for two months; plan your budget for 30 days and keep track of your daily expenses for 7 days; Learn how to clean your home properly and help do it for one month; Show you know how to take care of your clothes and help at least twice with the family laundry; With adult supervision, help plan the meals for your family for one week; Help buy the food and prepare three meals for your family. In each of these requirements, be careful to be honest in doing what you commit to, and in reporting the results.

Handyman #10, 13, 17Replace a light bulb; help take care of the lawn; Put together a tool box to be ready to help make repairs around the house (These could all be done for elderly neighbors in order to make them safer from crime)

Readyman #8 – Tell what steps to take for a safe swim and explain the reasons for the Buddy System.

Outdoorsman #3, 6. 9 – Take part in a Webelos den or family campout and sleep in a tent you have helped pitch; participate in an outdoor conservation project; Discuss with your Webelos den leader what you need to take on a hike, then go on a 3-mile hike with your Webelos den or a Scout troop. Observe nature as the first Brownsea scouts were taught to do.

Artist #9 – Make an art construction; you could gather the materials on a den, pack or family visit to the beach.

Scholar # 2 – Have a good record in attendance, behavior and grades at school – it reflects honesty and integrity.

Showman #5, 16, 19 – Alone or with others, put on a puppet show about honesty; give a monologue about honesty or some person you admire who lives with integrity and honesty; Write, put on and take part in a one act play – you could use one of the play ideas about honesty under skits.

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