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Bear Electives

Elect. #1a – Identify two constellations and the North Star; you might be able to do this if you decide to do a Perseid Meteor Night Watch.

Elect. #9aDo an original art project; this could be one of the projects if you go to a beach and collect materials

Elect. #10a – Make a simple papier-mâché mask; if you decide to make a mask of a character with a reputation for honesty.

Elect. #15e – In honor of Water Quality Month, as a den, visit a lake, stream, river or ocean. Plan and do a den project to help clean up this important source of water. Name four kinds of water pollution.

Elect. #19 – Do any or all of the requirements, especially if you have a pack swim activity. Be sure to remember that you should never swim alone.

Elect. #20 – When you take part in any of the sports, be honest and show good sportsmanship.

Elect. #25b – Go on a short hike with your den, following the buddy system. Explain how the buddy system works and why it is important to you to follow it. Tell what to do if you are lost. While on your hike, be sure to observe as much as you can, as the boys did at the original Brownsea camp.

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