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Ach. #9b or f – With an adult make a treat for a den meeting or a dessert for your family – try one of the recipes in Cub Grub

Ach. #9e – Make some trail mix in honor of Aug 31st.

Ach. #10a, b – Go on a Perseid Meteor Night trip, or try doing it at home with your family.

Ach. #12c – Go on a picnic with your family on Australian Picnic Day, August 1st.

Ach. #12a, b – Go camping with your family and do some of the Brownsea activities or make some Trail Mix for August 31st and take a hike; details under Den & Pack Activities.

Ach. #13f – Play a board game that involves money with your family; be sure to play honestly!

Ach. #15 – Remember to be a good sport and play without cheating when you participate in any games!

Ach. #17c – Visit a newspaper office, TV or radio station, and talk to a news reporter; find out how they make sure that their information is true.

Ach. #17d – Use a computer to get information. Write, spell-check and print out a report on what you learned; you could do a report about honesty, or a person who you admire for their honesty and integrity.

Ach. #17f – Talk with a parent or other family member about how getting and giving facts fits into his or her job; ask how they make sure the facts are true.

Ach. #18 – Do any or all the requirements and be sure to consider the Character Connection for Honesty as you do them.

Ach. #18h – Complete the Character Connection for Honesty:

  • Know - Tell what made it difficult to be clear and accurate as you wrote details and kept records, and tell what could tempt you to write something that was not exactly true. Define honesty.

  • Commit - Tell why it is important to be honest and trustworthy with yourself and with others. Imagine you had reported something inaccurately and tell how you could set the record straight. Give reasons that honest reporting will earn the trust of others.

  • Practice – While doing the requirement for this achievement, be honest when you are writing about real events.

Ach. #22d – Coil a rope. Throw it, hitting a 2 foot square marker 20 feet away. This skill would be useful in helping in a water rescue.

Ach. #23 a, b, cWhile playing a sport, be honest and show good sportsmanship.

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