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Bear Achievements

Ach. #1 – Practice your faith as you have been taught – think about what place honesty has in showing you believe and honor your faith.

Ach. #3b – With the help of your family or den leader, find out about two famous Americans. Tell the things they did or are doing to improve our way of life. Remember to consider how they show integrity and honesty in their dealings, and how that might affect what they can accomplish.

Ach. #3d - Find out where places of historical interest are located in your town or city. Go and visit them with your family or den – you might visit a lighthouse or a Coast Guard station, or even a beach that has some historic connection.

Ach. #3f - Be a member of a color guard for your den or pack – you might have a special ceremony for Coast Guard Day or some other special event in August.

Ach. #6g – Take part in a den or pack neighborhood clean-up; you might especially clear debris from storm drains to protect water quality; if curbs aren’t marked, you r pack might paint warnings by storm drains to ask people not to pollute the water supply.

Ach. #8b – Find and talk to someone who was a Cub Scout long ago; try to find out how they learned to live honestly and what ways they had to help them.

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