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Wolf Electives

Elect. #2 – If you do a skit based on honesty, and do any of the elective requirements, mark them off.

Elect. #4 - If you play any of the games listed, be sure you are honest in how you play – be a good sport and don’t try to cheat in order to win.

Elect. #11b – Learn and sing the National Anthem – share the story of how Francis Scott Key was in the right place to witness the events because he was considered an honest man of integrity

Elect. #12a – Draw a free-hand sketch; you might make a picture that can be used in the “Honesty is the Best Policy” opening, or as part of a display about a person who is honest.

Elect. #14a – Remember to be honest in caring for a pet; don’t forget to provide water, food, exercise and good care for your pet – it’s a way of showing you are honest in your dealings.

Elect. #20 – Remember to be honest about how you play any sport, and in learning and following the rules.

Elect. #21b – Use a computer program to write a report about honest, or an honest person. You could also use a program to make signs for a display about an honest person.

Elect. #23If you go camping, practice some of the skills that the first boys at Brownsea also used.

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