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Wolf Achievements

Ach. #4a, b, c – Make a list of emergency phone numbers and put by each phone and/or at a central place in your home. Know what to do and say if you need to call in an emergency. (Practice till you are sure you know what to do): Tell what to do if someone wants to come in your house – especially if you are home without an adult; Remember what things you and your family should do every time you leave your house, to help prevent crimes and keep your house safe.

Ach. #4e – Talk with family members. Agree on the household jobs you will be responsible for. Make a list of your jobs and mark them off when you have finished them. Do this for a month. Remember to be honest about whether you have done the job the right way, even though no one else might know if you aren’t truthful about it.

Ach. #7c – Discuss with your family ways that water gets dirty.

Ach. #7d – With an adult, pick up trash in your neighborhood; wear gloves to protect against cuts. In honor of Clean Water Month, you could make sure all storm drains are clear of trash – or your pack could even do a project to paint warnings on the curb about where the water drains to.

Ach. #12j – Read the scenario and discuss why you shouldn’t let peer pressure or wanting to be popular change your decision about what is right and honest

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