Core values

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Icebreaker or mixer: Assigned as needed -Activity to promote interaction as participants

General Opening

  • Welcome by ADC-RT

  • Prayer: Assigned to assistants or participants

  • Opening Ceremony: Assigned to assistants or participants. Vary opening to provide experience in demonstrating flag etiquette, the Scout Law, Core Values, etc.

  • Introductions and announcements: ADC-RT and include district and council activities and events.

  • Big Rock training topic: Use appropriate people from district based on the topic. Use monthly training topic from choices available based on district’s needs. All training topics should be covered during the program year.

  • Commissioner’s Minute: ADC-RT –The Minute should be applicable to all program levels and applicable to all roundtable formats. May be related to Core Values, points of the Scout Law, aims of Scouting, etc.

Combined Cub Scout Leader Session

  • Theme and Core Value may be highlighted here.

  • Icebreaker: Assign to assistants or participants

  • Ceremony/skit/song/game: Assigned to assistants or participants

  • Tips for Pack Activity: Assigned to assistants or participants. Should relate to the coming month’s theme, but can be determined by the council or district events.

  • Cub Scout interest topic: Use appropriate people from district based on the topic. May be training highlight, annual pack events, timely topic, theme or Core Value of the month, advancement topic, record keeping, JTE, etc.

  • Q&A

Cub Scout Leader Breakouts: Program features for each group

come directly from the Den and Pack Meeting Resource Guide. Include:

1. Hands-on activity highlight and

2. Discussion topics for

  • Den Leaders

  • Webelos Leaders

  • Cubmasters

  • Committee Members

  • Closing/Commissioner’s Minute: Should be inspirational and encourage participation at future roundtables.

End on Time

After the Meeting

  • Refreshments and fellowship: Assigned to assistants or participants. Time for fellowship before cleanup is stressed.

  • Team meeting: Cub Scout roundtable commissioner -

can be conducted now or at a time preferred by the team. Evaluate the current meeting; review attendance and plans for next meeting.
BE PREPARED for Next Month:

August Roundtable for September Program

Core Value: Cooperation

Supplemental Pack Meeting: Amazing Games

Interest Topic: Choosing Age Appropriate Activities

Cub Scout Leader Specific Breakouts:

Cub & Webelos Leaders – Review Parent and Families Section of Handbook

Cubmasters & Pack Leaders – Review the pack adults’

meeting information from the Cub Scout Leader Book, page 92–93

July Roundtable: for August Pack Program

Core Value: Honesty

Supplemental Pack Meeting Theme:
Kids against Crime

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