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Tiger Achievements

Ach. #1Ggo see a museum, lighthouse, or other historical building where you can learn more about how families lived in the past.

Ach. #2D – Practice the Pledge of Allegiance and participate in a flag ceremony with your pack or den – you could do this on Coast Guard Day.

Ach. #2G – Go visit a police station. Ask someone who works there how he or she helps people in the community. Learn about how you can be safe and help prevent crime; take home some brochures and share what you learned.

Ach. #4F – At a family meal, take turns telling one thing that happened that day; remember to tell the story honestly; practice being a good listener while you wait your turn.

Ach. #4D – Play “Tell It Like It Isn’t” and then talk about how easy it might be to make the story more exciting by adding some things that aren’t true.

Ach. #4G – Visit a television or radio station or a newspaper office. Find out how people there communicate with others. Do they have some special ways to make sure the story they tell is completely true?

Ach. #5G – Take a hike with your den, just like the boys at Brownsea did at the very first Scout camp!

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