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Knife and Fire Safety

From the Boy Scout Trail
Knife Safety

It will be best if no boy even brings a pocketknife if they haven’t earned their “whittlin chip”. Before camping or on a campout teach the “whittlin chip” class, (this is in the Bear Book as an activity) so scouts have the opportunity to learn the safe way to open, close, sharpen and use their knife. Until this chip is earned, have them leave it at home or in the adult’s care. Know also – any infraction of the rules of knife handling allows a corner of the chip to be removed. If & when the forth corner is lost – so is the use of the knife until he retakes the whittlin chip class & proves he can handle it responsibly. He will have to take a similar class as a Boy Scout to earn his “totem chip”. The same rules apply. Boy Scout rules do not encourage sheath knives. A small pocketknife (3 ½” or less) is very functional. The Boy should keep their whittling chip card on their person to be able to show to anyone who asks that they have earned it.

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