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One of the best ways to become familiar with the trees that grow in your area is to make a leaf collection. There are several ways to preserve the leaves once you have collected them. On each collection, write the name of the tree, where it was collected, and the date of collection.

1. LEAF MOUNTING: Place the leaf on a piece of thin cardboard and cover the cardboard with clear Con-tact paper on both sides.

2. DRY LEAF COLLECTION: Put each leaf between separate sheets of newspaper.

Place something heavy on your leaves to “press” them. Store them in a scrap book after they are flat and dried.

3. CRAYON PRINT: With the vein side up, place a clean sheet of paper on top of the leaf. Rub a crayon over the leaf. The veins and edges of the leaf will give a good printing.

4. PARAFFIN COATED LEAVES: Melt paraffin carefully in a double boiler. When it is melted, turn off the heat. Dip one leaf at a time into the wax. Shake off the excess.

Hold leaf until it cools. Makes an interesting mobile when seven or eight coated leaves are used.


Here are some examples of useful trees.

Cedar--shingles, fences, and moth proofing

Redwood--water resistant wood furnishings

Pine--lumber, turpentine and paper

Pecan--nuts, furniture


Ash--furniture, tools

Douglas fir--lumber

Ponderosa pine--telephone poles

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