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Troop Webelos Resource Person

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Troop Webelos Resource Person

Who is a Troop Webelos Resource Person and how can he or she help?

A Troop Webelos Resource Person is usually a registered adult in the troop, usually the assistant Scoutmaster for new Scouts. May have personal knowledge in teaching Boy Scout skills, but equally important, should know where to secure resource people to assist in Webelos activity badges and other projects. Is appointed by the Boy Scout troop to serve as the liaison between the troop and Webelos den(s).

The Troop Webelos Resource Person's responsibilities are to:

  • Work closely with the Webelos den leader to use the supportive talents, equipment, and know-how of the troop to help prepare Webelos Scouts and their families for a good Boy Scout experience.

  • Help schedule joint activities each quarter for Webelos dens (or packs) and Boy Scout troops.

  • Help recruit, train, and inspire a qualified Webelos den chief.

  • Help plan and conduct joint activities.

  • Arrange for loan of troop equipment for Webelos overnight campouts, as needed.

  • Occasionally attend Webelos den meetings, particularly those that involve work or planning related to Boy Scouting.

  • Work with the Webelos den leader to ensure exciting graduation ceremonies.

  • Help recruit activity badge counselors.

  • Help establish and maintain a good working relationship between the troop and pack.

  • Help ensure the smooth transition of Webelos Scouts into the Boy Scout troop.
Flag Etiquette

August is a good time to review good flag ceremony etiquette. Have the den practice past flag ceremonies while reviewing flag etiquette.

Your local American Legion post can help with training young scouts to respect the flag. Use the following quiz to test your scouts’ knowledge as a helpful teaching tool

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