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Some Helpful Information For New Webelos Leaders

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Some Helpful Information For
New Webelos Leaders

I’ve provided these tips in prior issues, but they are so important to a new Webelos leader that they are worth repeating. JT

Activity Badge Counselor

Should I have an Activity Badge Counselor?

Short answer is yes! An activity badge counsel can help organize den trips and research local opportunities to help the Webelos Scouts complete one or more activity badges. It is a great way to get a parent involved who either doesn’t have the time to be a den leader, or who simply wants to lend support because of a particular interest or job that relates to an activity badge.

The activity badge counselor may be an adult family member of a Webelos Scout, a pack leader, a teacher, a coach, or another adult qualified to teach one or more activity badges to Webelos Scouts. This is usually a temporary position and is not a registered BSA position.

The activity badge counselor's responsibilities are to:

Provide activity badge instruction at Webelos den meetings, as requested by the Webelos den leader. This could include, for instance, providing resources and instruction on model building, leading field trips, or providing instruction and help on collections and specimens, depending on the activity badge requirements. The service usually extends over three or four den meetings for each badge.

Be familiar with the Webelos Scout Book in presenting activity badge information and approving requirements.

Help Webelos Scouts gain self-confidence in completing projects and in dealing with adults.

Follow the Webelos den time schedule for activity badge instruction.

Help recruit other activity badge counselors.

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