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Moral: Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom

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Moral: Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.

Honesty Activities

All kids face the temptation of stretching the truth every once in a while, so adults can use activities that are fun while teaching principles of honesty.

The Honesty Under Pressure Award.

This is a motivational way to get children to evaluate their personal honesty every week. At the beginning of family night each week this month ask, "Who had a situation this past week where it was a challenge to be honest?" Have an "award" on hand to give to the person who remembers the best incident of being honest. A piece of construction paper or colored card with a neatly printed H.U.P. (Honesty Under Pressure) will do nicely as the award. Let the child (or adult) who wins put it on his bedroom door during the week until it is awarded again the next week.

After a couple of weeks of "getting used to," you will find that children are willing to think hard about their behavior of the past week in hopes of winning the award. And it is this kind of thinking and recognition that strongly reinforces honesty.

If it is working well, continue the weekly award ceremony into next month.

The Consequence Flashcard Game.

This game can help children understand that the long-term consequences of honesty are always better than the long-term consequences of dishonesty.

Prepare pairs of simple index cards or small sheets of paper. On one side of each of the cards in the pair describe two alternative courses of action - one honest and one dishonest - along with the short-term consequences of each action. Fill out the other side of the cards so that when the two cards are flipped over, the long-term consequences are revealed. Play it as a game, letting children decide, by looking at the front sides only, which option they would take.

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