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The Honest Woodcutter

There was a woodcutter in a village who used to live by cutting woods in the nearby forest. He was very honest and humble person. He will be using an old Iron wood splitter for cutting the woods. One day as usual he goes to the forest for cutting woods. After cutting for a while he plans to have lunch. He sits under a tree and opens his lunch box.

By accident his wood splitting tool falls into the lake. The lake will be deep & he will think for a moment about how to get the spitting tool from the lake. By then a goddess will appear from the lake and ask him what he is worried about. He will briefly explain what happened.

She will say she can help him if he identifies his tool correctly. He accepts the deal.

She gets in the water & come up with a brand new wood splitter made out of Gold. It will be shining and he will be tempted to say “yes, it is my tool”. But he says “no, it is not his tool”.

She gets in the water again & comes up with a Silver splitter. It will be all white & glowing bright in sun light. He again says it is not his tool.

Now, third time she comes up with his wood splitter & he identifies it correctly saying that is his tool.

She will be so impressed with his honesty & truthfulness, that she will present gold & silver wood splitters along with his iron wood splitter.

Moral : Honesty is always the best policy

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