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If you want to try Native American recipes some can be found at

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If you want to try Native American recipes some can be found at:

R. Let’s Go Camping!

Elective 25

  1. the 10 essential items are listed on p.277 Here are some you can make with your den:

    1. first aid kit

Travel soap container or tin candy container

for a small first aid kit

Print the child's contact numbers on a piece of paper cut to fit inside the cover & glue it in place.

Fill the box with First Aid items, such as a small bottle of hand sanitizer, an alcohol wipe, triple antibiotic ointment, band aids, dental floss, safety pin, cough drops, tweezers, etc… For fun paint or decorate the box.

  1. trail food

Make trail mix with the kids & go on a hike. Give each child a sandwich bag & let them spoon the ingredients they would like in their trail mix snack to eat during their hike. Give them ingredients to choose from such as: small pretzels, healthy cereals, little crackers, any flavor baking chip or little chocolate candies, small dried fruits (raisins, or craisins) nuts or unshelled seeds (sunflower or pumpkin), etc….

  1. buddy system

Buddy Tag Game

Is a game for 6 or more players & played in an open area.

You must hold on to a buddy to avoid being tagged!

1 person is "it" & 1 person is the runner. Everyone else finds a partner & links arms. The pairs of buddies scatter. The person who is "it" tries to tag the runner without a buddy. To avoid being caught, the runner has to link up with a pair of buddies before "it" can tag him. When the runner finds a buddy, he links arms & is safe. But the buddy on the other side of the pair becomes the runner!

If the runner is tagged before she can link up with a pair of buddies, he's now "it," & "it" becomes the runner. The game can go on until the cubs are ready to stop.

  1. den participates in campfire performance

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