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b. make & play 2 games

Here are some sites with Indian Games. The following game came from this site.

Netted Hoop and Pole Game

a traditional Comanche game. To play the game, one child rolls a hoop while another tries to throw his pole through the rolling hoop. Each player starts by throwing one pole. If a player misses, the other gets his pole. The player who collects all of the other player's poles is the winner.

Originally, the netted hoop for this game was made from reeds and the net from rawhide, but you can substitute a hula hoop instead. For poles, pointed whittled sticks were used in the past, but you can have the boys make this game by finding fallen sticks and snapping off any branches to make their own poles.

For the following games you could have the cubs decorate their stick or stone & then find a place far, far away from anything breakable to attempt to play them. They are from

Apache Games

Apache children sometimes played toe toss games to develop coordination, balance, & strength.

  1. Toe Toss Stick: 1st make a mark on the ground. Then stand behind the mark & balance a stick on your toe. The object is the toss the stick as high as you can & have it land on the mark. You get points for height & for accuracy.

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