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BEAR Bear Ideas by Felicia

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Bear Ideas by Felicia

“The meanings of the designs on totem poles are as varied as the cultures that make them.” To learn more go to

Core Value - Honesty

Theme - Kids against crime

Bear Achievements:

Meeting Plan


American Indian Life

Elective 24


Let’s Go Camping

Elective 25a

N. American Indian Life:

Elective 24a learn about tribes from your area.

Here is a site with the tribes of each state

This is a wonderful site, with links to many American Indian Nation sites. As far as I can tell these are all excellent – but there are far too many for me to check them all - always preview any site before showing it to the boys to make sure it is 100% kid appropriate.

Here are some interesting histories of the Indian First Nations authored by Lee Sultzman

You can also read the Wikipedia section on Society, language, and culture

Here are some of the great facts you can learn from the Native American Facts for Kids:

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