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Why Lincoln Was Called 'Honest Abe'

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Why Lincoln Was Called 'Honest Abe'

In managing the country store, as in everything that he undertook for others, Lincoln did his very best. He was honest, civil, ready to do anything that should encourage customers to come to the place, full of pleasantries, patient, and alert.

On one occasion, finding late at night, when he counted over his cash, that he had taken a few cents from a customer more than was due, he closed the store, and walked a long distance to make good the deficiency.

At another time, discovering on the scales in the morning a weight with which he had weighed out a package of tea for a woman the night before, he saw that he had given her too little for her money. He weighed out what was due, and carried it to her, much to the surprise of the woman, who had not known that she was short in the amount of her purchase.

As related by Noah Brooks

A Dollar Bill for Billy

Shirley Climo, “A Dollar Bill for Billy,”
Friend, May 1983, 28–29

Skits, pages 5-27 to 5-36

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