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Air Raid

Set up:

First begin by marking out a starting line and a finishing line approximately 50 feet apart. Find 5 or 6 obstacles that are large enough to be hidden behind, like a table or a wheelbarrow. Place the obstacles approx. 10 feet apart in a zig-zag pattern between the start and finish. Assign two people to be the “Bombers” and give them each a bucket full of water and about 10 small sponges. (Cut those big sloppy car sponges into three and use those. It’s also possible to use water balloons but I find that they create more garbage and hurt more.) Place one of the “bombers” 10 feet past the finish line and one halfway between the lines.


The object of the game is to get from the start to the finish without getting hit by a wet sponge by going from obstacle to obstacle. Obviously the job of the "bombers" is to try and hit the runners. The "halfway bomber" is only allowed to try and hit the runner until the runner has passed them and then they must cease fire. For every obstacle that the runner gets to they receive an assigned point value. Their total points equal their score. Everyone's wet, everyone's happy.

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