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Sponge Ball Catch

Equipment: sponge balls, plastic bowls

Directions: Divide the boys in pairs. One boy has a sponge ball; the other boy holds a plastic bowl on his head. The boy with the sponge tosses it into the bowl. After a few minutes the boys switch roles. After a certain time, the team with the most successful catches wins.

Sponge Ball Wars

Fill two five gallon buckets with water. Place sponges – the number of sponges is up to the pack – in each bucket. Divide the boys and adults into two teams. Mark a dividing line between the teams. Put one bucket of sponges on each side of the line about five to six feet back. When you yell “Sponge Wars!” the teams begin throwing the wet sponges across the line onto the other teams territory.


  • You can only throw one sponge at a time.

  • The object is to get as many sponges as possible on the other team’s side.

  • You may pick up sponges that have been thrown on your side and throw them back as long as you only throw one at a time.

  • At the end of one minute the leader yells peace and all sponge throwing stops.

  • The team who has the fewest sponges on their side wins.

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