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Ice Cube Painting. Make ice cubes in an ice cube tray. When halfway frozen, stick a Popsicle stick in. When ice is completely frozen, you are ready to begin. Sprinkle some powdered paint on a piece of paper. Use different colors. Give each scout an ice cube with stick and let him rub or drag it on the paper. Ask them what is happening to the powdered paint. What has happened to the ice cube?

Bait Casting

From 1999 Santa Clara Pow Wow Book

Use a fishing pole with reel and a 2-inch piece of dowel or broom stick at the end of the line as a lure. Mark four or five targets, each about three feet in diameter and about 10 feet apart. Give each player two casts per target. Score one point for each hit.

Penny Drop

Wendy, Chief Seattle Council

Write point values using permanent marker on the inside of 3-5 single serving yogurt cups. Duct tape a quarter to the bottom (outside) of the yogurt cups, then submerge them in a bucket of water. Boys take turns dropping pennies into the water for points. The highest score wins.

Note: the deeper the bucket of water, the more the pennies will spin and drift off course on their way to the bottom of the bucket.

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