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Need an Incentive???

Although many consider Cub Scouts to be a 9 month program – the secret is that the most successful Pack programs usually have some type of summer program. These can be loosely organized outings for the whole family. Or, you can continue your program of pack meetings and events in the summer as well. National recognizes this extra effort with the National Summertime Pack Award.

The National Summertime Award

Incentive for summer planning is the National Summertime Pack Award, an attractive, full-color certificate, and the National Summertime Pack Award streamer for the pack flag.   These can be earned by packs that conduct three summer pack activities - one each month during June, July and August.

Dens with at least 50 percent of their members at the three summertime activities receive a den participation ribbon.  Individual Cub Scouts who attend all three activities can be recognized by their pack with the National Summertime Award pin.

The Cubmaster or pack committee secretary should keep a record of all summer pack activities on the chart in the National Summertime Pack Award Planning Guide.  Submit the application section of the record sheet for approval by the camping and activities or Cub Scout committee of the local council.  Make arrangements for the den, pack and individual Cub Scout awards to be presented at an early fall pack meeting.

Cub Scout Heroes

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