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Wolf Water Related Achievements

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Wolf Water Related Achievements

Wolf Water Related Electives

  • E# 4e Wide area group game (water)

  • E# 5f Propeller boat

  • E# 5g,h,or i Model boat

  • E# 7b Puddle jumpers. Have boys create, and then do an obstacle course using their puddle jumpers. Obstacle course is E18d

  • E# 8c,d Windlass (well), Pulley E19 Fishing

  • E# 12c Mix secondary colors using water colors, or drops of food coloring in glasses of water.

  • E# 18c Treasure hunt

  • E# 20b Boating Safety Rules

See also last month's issue for more outdoor ideas

Foam Tray Paddlewheel Boat

Wolf E5f

Wendy, Chief Seattle Council

Make a paddlewheel boat like the one pictured in the Wolf book using Styrofoam trays instead of wood. Duct tape the rubber band to the paddle and the boat. If you want a sturdier boat, hot glue 2 trays together. (No, the hot glue does not melt the Styrofoam.)

Download 5.45 Mb.

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