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See last month's issue for more outdoor ideas

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See last month's issue for more outdoor ideas

Vegetable Regatta

Tiger E17; Wolf E5h; Bear Ach. #21f

Santa Clara Council, 2008

A vegetable regatta is just like the rain gutter regatta except that you use vegetables instead of the regatta kit. Boys choose the type of vegetable they want and carve it to make a boat. Sails can be added using toothpicks or skewers.

Sponge Ball Tag

Choose 2-4 players to be it, and give them sponge balls. They throw the balls at the other players, trying to tag them. If a player is hit, he is it now.

Duck, Duck, Squirt

All the players sit in a circle, except for the one who is "it." He must walk around the circle tapping players and saying "Duck, Duck, Duck..." Instead of saying "Goose," she squirts a water gun at a sitting player, who then jumps up and begins the chase. The wet player chases the “it” and tries to tag him before he gets to the wet player’s place. Alternatively, “it” can drip water from a sponge, and say “Drip, drip, drop.”

Sharp Shooter

Wendy, Chief Seattle Council

Using a squirt gun, try to squirt a ping pong ball off the top of a water bottle. Boy with fewest squirts wins.

The Great Foot Freeze

from Family Fun online


Wading pool, water, ice cubes, plastic bowls


  1. Fill up the pool and dump in several trays, or a bag, of ice cubes. Players then sit around the edge of the wading pool with their feet poised over the water.

  2. At the word "Go," players race to move the cubes out of the water and into their bowls within a designated time period. The catch is, they can only use their feet.

  3. The winner by a foot, of course, is the person who has the most ice cubes in his bowl when the time is up.

Alternatively, players can collect marbles with their feet, instead of ice cubes.

Public Service Announcement Ideas (E20):

Encourage the boys to show, rather than just tell, why boys should join Cub Scouts. Challenge the boys to figure out how to make their announcement more interesting and fun through the use of funny dialog, props, costumes, or special effects.

Maybe you can use this for the Fall Joining Scouting night coming up quickly!!!

You Tube has examples of Tiger PSA announcements:

From the Cub Scout Leader How-To Book –

* Water Games, How to Book section 3 pp. 42-44.

More Water Games:

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