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Look for District or Council summertime

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Look for District or Council summertime events to take part in as a pack. Day camps, resident camps, Parent-Child campouts. These count toward your award, and make planning a whole lot easier.

  • Minor league Ball games – Most minor league ball teams hold a scout night with a sleepover in the outfield. Check out your local team!! And the cost is usually very reasonable. The Wilmington Blue Rocks are about $6 a ticket. Or if not a sleepover – a fireworks night!!

    Or how about an

    Inter-Pack Sports Day.

    Get together with another pack (or two or three or more) and plan a day of sporting adventures. Solicit ideas for large group games from the participants. Fill in with other games from the How To Book. Suggestions could include - holding races – crab walk, gorilla race, kangaroo race (See Bear book), an inter-pack kickball or volleyball tournament.

    Ask, too, for individual things boys (and/or siblings) can do – e.g. fishing, physical fitness course (See Wolf book), and/or a specialty hike along a marked trail, disc golf.

    The CS Academics and Sports Program Guide has a plan for setting up a Pack Sports Event or Tournament and the Special Pack Activities section of the How To Book has ideas for Cub Scout Field Day, Summer Celebration, Welcome to the Midway, and Western Rodeo. All these could be blended into a special program of activities selected just for your group.

    Maybe you want to teach them how to play Ultimate and hold a game. Or choose another sport.

    Program is only limited by your imagination. Take the time and add summertime program to your calendar. This is especially important if you are doing any kind of spring recruiting. You need a summertime program to remind the new parents and boys why they joined Scouting.

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