Core courses 24001 Research Methods Prof. David Nachmias

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Course Description

Core courses

24001 Research Methods

Prof. David Nachmias

This course provides an introduction to research methods and elementary statistics as tools for collecting, analyzing and understanding data related to social sciences. The course emphasizes the understanding of the logic, tools, and designs of research so that students can be better problem solvers by thinking about issues clearly, weighing alternatives, recognizing biases, and evaluating evidence critically.

24004 Workshop in Decision Making

Prof. Alex Mintz

This workshop consists of three parts: 1) Basic concepts, theories and models of decision making; 2) advanced topics such as games in strategic interaction and computerized process tracing experiments, and 3) computerized simulations.

24005 MA seminar

Dr. Hani Zubida

This seminar is offered by IDC faculty and leading practitioners on variety of topics relevant to students’ specialization in the area of political marketing and decision making, terrorism and homeland security studies, diplomacy and conflict analysis, and public policy and administration.

Required courses (3/4 courses of 8)

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