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o Pathway of sound sound
auditory canal eardrum (tympanic
hammer, anvil, stirrup
oval window
auditory nerve
temporal lobes
o Outer Ear pinna (ear, auditory canal
o Middle Ear ear drum , HAS (bones vibrate to send signal)
o Inner Ear cochlea – like COCHELLA
(sounds st processed here)
THEORIES OF HEARING both occur in the cochlea
o Place theory – location where hair cells bends determines sound (high pitches)
o Frequency theory – rate at which action potentials are sent determines sound
(low pitches OTHER SENSES:
o Touch Mechanoreceptors spinal cord thalamus somatosensory cortex o Pain Gate-control theory we have agate to control how much pain is experienced o Kinesthetic: Sense of body position o Vestibular: Sense of balance
(semicircular canals in the inner ear affect this)
o Taste (gustation): 5 taste receptors:
bitter, salty, sweet, sour, umami (savory)
o Smell (olfaction): Only sense that does
NOT route through the thalamus 1st.
Goes to temporal lobe and amygdala
GESTALT PSYCHOLOGY Whole is greater than the sum of its parts

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