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● Hindbrain: oldest part of the brain o Cerebellum – movement/balance
(picture walking a tightrope balance a bell)
o Medulla – vital organs (HR, BP)
o Pons – sleep/arousal (Ponzzzzzz)
● Midbrain ob Rbeticular formation: alertness Forebrain: higher thought processes o Limbic System Amygdala: emotions, fear (Amy, da!
You’re so emotional Hippocampus: memory (if you saw a hippo on campus you’d remember it Hypothalamus Reward/pleasure center, eating behaviors – link to endocrine system o Thalamus relay center for all but smell
(you MUST (thalaMUST) use your thalamus, unless its MUSTY – smell)
o Cerebral Cortex outer portion of the brain – higher order thought processes Occipital Lobe located in the back of the head – vision – mom’s eyes Frontal Lobe decision making,
planning, judgment, movement,
▪ Parietal Lobe located on the top of the head - sensations Temporal Lobe located on the sides of the head (temples) – hearing and face recognition Somatosensory Cortex map of our sensory receptors in parietal lobe Motor Cortex map of our motor receptors – located in frontal lobe o Left hemisphere only – damage results in aphasia (damaged speech)
▪ Broca’s Area Inability to produce speech (Broca – Broken speech Wernicke’s Area Inability to comprehend speech (Wernicke’s what?)
o Corpus Callosum: bundle of nerves that connects the 2 hemispheres – sometimes severed inpatients with severe seizures leads to “split-brain patients Lateralization: the brain has some specialized features – language is processed in the L Hemisphere Split-brain experiments done by
Sperry & Gazzaniga.
▪ Images shown to the right hemisphere will be processed in the left (& vice versa, patient can verbally identify what they saw BRAIN
PLASTICITY: Brain can heal itself

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