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ensory neurons – receive signals

fferent neurons –
ccept signals

otor neurons – send signals

fferent neurons – signal
Interneurons – cells in spinal cord responsible for reflex loop CENTRAL NS Brain and spinal cord PERIPHERAL NS Rest of the NS
o Somatic NS Voluntary movement oi bAutonomic NS
Involuntary (heart,
lungs, etc Sympathetic NS Arouses the body for fight/flight (generally activates sympathetic to you getting eaten by a tiger helps you runaway Parasympathetic NS established homeostasis after a sympathetic response (generally inhibits NEUROTRANSMITTERS (NT):
Chemicals released in synaptic gap,
received by neurons oi bGABA:
Major inhibitory NT
o Glutamat
: Major
xcitatory NT
(get excited when seeing your mates!
o Dopamine: Reward & movement oi bSerotonin:
Moods and emotion oi bAcetylcholine (ACh):
Memory oi bEpinephrine & Norepinephrine:

sympathetic NS arousal oi bEndorphins:
pain control oi bOxytocin:
love and bonding Agonist: drug that mimics a NT Antagonist: drug that blocks a NT Reuptake: Unused NTs are taken backup into the sending neuron. SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) block reuptake – treatment for depression

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