Copy 7 oak wilt: cause, prevention and treatments

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The big toothed maple (Acer grandidentatum) is the only maple that will grow well here. No other maple will do well in our heat and alkaline soil, not sugar maple, not Japanese maple. It will turn yellow and look terrible all of its life. The sassafras, sweet gum, magnolia, azalea, loblolly pine also will not grow well here.
Q: Does the shin oak get oak wilt?

A: Yes, all oaks can get oak wilt; some species are more susceptible than others. Red oaks, blackjack oaks, and Spanish oaks have 100% mortality with oak wilt. White oaks, including post oaks, bur oaks, lacey oaks, Bigelow or shin oaks, chinquapin oaks, and Monterrey oaks, while not resistant or immune to oak wilt, tend to tolerate oak wilt better than red oaks. Robert has seen shin oaks and lacey oaks, and one chinquapin oak die from oak wilt. Robert does not remember ever having seen a post oak die from oak wilt.

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