Copy 7 oak wilt: cause, prevention and treatments

Q: Isn’t there a cheaper chemical that can be used?

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Q: Isn’t there a cheaper chemical that can be used?

A: No. Alamo-brand fungicide is the only product that is legal in this application and is labeled, researched, tested, and that you are allowed to use. Period. Yes, there are other products on the market that contain propiconazole, but they contain other chemicals as well, and they are not labeled for the treatment of oak wilt. If you use a fungicide in a manner inconsistent with its labeling, you are violating a Federal law. The other products contain other chemicals, other carriers, other fungicide components; we have no idea what they will do to an oak tree since no testing has been done in oak trees, since these products are not allowed to be used on oak trees. Alamo is 14.3% propiconazole and 85.7% water. There are no other chemicals in Alamo, other than the blue dye. Robert Edmonson will not personally use any chemical other than Alamo to treat oak wilt.
Alleged Alternative Treatments: Other companies and other products claim to be able to stop oak wilt. The Texas Forest Service has asked for data from these companies to support their claims, and has asked them to participate in field tests to support their claims. The Forest Service has checked on the background of some of the founding members of some of these companies and found that they were lying about their credentials. The person was not a professor at Berkeley as he had claimed; the University had never heard of this person.
Most of these alternative treatments run on the premise that if you can keep your tree healthy, you can keep it from getting oak wilt. That is a false statement. Oak wilt does not work that way.

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