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Alamo fungicide treatment

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3. Alamo fungicide treatment: Let’s look at the trees in the Tierra Linda picnic area as an example. You have oak wilt all around the picnic area. There is no way to install a trench because you do not have the 100 foot buffer, and you have infrastructure (the pool, paved road etc.) in the way. The only option to try to save the trees is to have them treated with the Alamo fungicide. Think of it like an inoculation. You put fungicide inside the tree. The fungus comes and tries to get in the tree, but it can’t. Eventually the fungus moves on and the tree is left alive. In an ideal world, that is how it works. The treatment works more times than it doesn’t, but it is by no means a cure or a guarantee.
Neither trenching nor treatment with Alamo is a guarantee that you will be successful. There is no cure for oak wilt.
Treatment requires drilling injection holes 4 to 6 inches apart along the flare roots of the tree (down one side of the flare root and back up the other side of each flare root), all of the way around the tree. Alamo is mixed with water at a concentration based on the diameter inches of the tree measured at 4.5 ft above the ground and injected into the holes via a harness of tubing and T-shaped injectors connected to a pressurized tank.

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