Copy 7 oak wilt: cause, prevention and treatments

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1. Prevention, discussed above.
2. Trenching The disease moves through interconnected roots. Thus, if you can disconnect those roots, you can isolate a disease center. You can stop it from spreading. Think of a fire burning, and you put a fire line around the fire. The fire burns up to the line and stops. This is what happens with trenching. Since 1988, the Texas Forest Service has assisted landowners with the installation of over 2.5 million feet of trench lines statewide. This is equivalent to a trench from Houston to Lubbock. We have contained somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,600 oak wilt centers statewide. The success rate is about 2 out of every 3 trenches, which is about 65 - 70% success.
You folks who have been in Tierra Linda since 1992-93 are familiar with the trenching that was done here. We have not been very successful with the trenching done at Tierra Linda. The reason is that there are two rules of trenching that must be met or the trench is not going to work.

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