Convince Your Boss Letter

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Convince Your Boss Letter
Subject: Attending Cloud Summit 2016

Dear (insert boss’s name)

I’d like to attend Cloud Summit 2016, “Where Rainmakers Thrive”, from April 11-13 in Phoenix, AZ. Cloud Summit is an annual event attended by 1000+ influential people who are committed to building highly successful businesses and learning how to take advantage of the growth opportunity in Cloud.
Here are the reasons I’d like to attend and the ways our organization could benefit:

  • I’ll learn from the experts — Cloud Summit breakout sessions and are taught by the best in our industry and I can attend those sessions that are directly related to my role.

  • I’ll be more inspired than ever to drive results at work — Cloud Summit features world-class guest speakers and prominent industry leaders.

  • I’ll learn about how to build our cloud business — Breakout sessions are focused around improving business functions and I’ll be able to learn about the latest techniques in sales, marketing, service and support.

  • I’ll get hands on with the latest tools and technology — The world’s leading cloud solutions will be on display, with experts available to discuss all the latest product updates and help us make better decisions for our customers.

  • I’ll learn from my colleagues — Cloud Summit attendees come from organizations (small and large) from all over North America. I’ll be able to exchange ideas and get solutions to some of the challenges our organization is facing.

At only $499 for Early-Bird Registration I believe Cloud Summit is more than worth the investment. It’s the one conference where I can learn about the latest tools and technology, connect with the most influential people, and get exposure to sales and marketing techniques that will help grow our business.

You can learn more about Cloud Summit 2016 at

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