Convention and statute on the international regime of maritime ports, 1923

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Article 16
Measures of a general or particular character which a Contracting State is obliged to take in case of any emergency affecting the safety of the State or the vital interests of the country may, in exceptional cases, and for as short a period as possible, involve a deviation from the provisions of Article 2 to 7 inclusive; it being understood that the principles of the present statute must be observed to the utmost possible extent.
Article 17
No Contracting State shall be bound by this statute to permit the transit of passengers whose admission to its territories is forbidden, or of goods of a kind of which the importation is prohibited, either on grounds of public health or security, or as a precaution against diseases of animals or plants. As regards traffic other than traffic in transit, no Contracting State shall be bound by this statute to permit the transport of passengers whose admission to its territories is forbidden, or of goods of which the import or export is prohibited. by its national laws.
Each Contracting State shall be entitled to take the necessary precautionary measures in respect of the transport of dangerous goods or goods of a similar character, as well as general police measures, including the control of emigrants entering or leaving its territory, it being understood that such measures must not result in any discrimination contrary to the principles of the present statute.
Nothing in this statute shall affect the measures which one of the Contracting State is or may feel called upon to take in pursuance of general international conventions to which it is a party, or which may be concluded hereafter, particularly conventions concluded under the auspices of the League of Nations, relating to the traffic in women and children, the transit, export or import of particular kinds of articles such as opium or other dangerous drugs, arms, or the produce of fisheries, or in pursuance of general conventions intended to prevent any infringement of industrial, literary or artistic property, or relating to false marks, false indications of origin or other methods of unfair competition.

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