Convention and statute on the international regime of maritime ports, 1923

Article 9 This statute does not in any way apply to the maritime coasting trade. Article 10

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Article 9
This statute does not in any way apply to the maritime coasting trade.
Article 10
Each Contracting State reserves the right to make such arrangements for towage in its maritime ports as it thinks fit, provided that the provisions of Articles 2 and 4 are not thereby infringed.
Article 11
Each Contracting State reserves the right to organise and administer pilotage services as it thinks fit. Where pilotage is compulsory, the dues and facilities offered shall be subject to the provisions of Articles 2 and 4, but each Contracting State may exempt from the obligation of compulsory pilotage such of its nationals as possess the necessary technical qualifications.
Article 12
Each Contracting State shall have the power, at the time of signing or ratifying this convention, of declaring that it reserves the right of limiting the transport of emigrants, in accordance with the provisions of its own legislation, to vessels which have been granted special authorisation as fulfilling the requirements of the said legislation. In exercising this right, however, the Contracting State shall be guided, as far as possible, by the principles of this statute.
The vessels so authorised to transport emigrants shall enjoy all the benefits of this statute in all maritime ports.
Article 13
This statute applies to all vessels, whether publicly or privately owned or controlled.
It does not, however, apply in any way to warships or vessels performing police or administrative functions, or, in general, exercising any kind of public authority, or any other vessels which for the time being are exclusively employed for the purposes of the naval, military or air forces of a State.

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