Convention and statute on the international regime of maritime ports, 1923

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Article 3
The provisions of the preceding Article in no way restrict the liberty of the Competent port authorities to take such measures as they may deem expedient for the proper conduct of the business of the port provided that these measures comply with the principle of equality of treatment as defined in the said Article.
Article 4
All dues and charges levied for the use of maritime ports shall be duly published before coming into force.
The same shall apply to the by-laws and regulations of the port.
In each maritime port the port authority shall keep open for inspection, by all persons concerned, a table of the dues and charges in force, as well as a copy of the by-laws and regulations.
Article 5
In assessing and applying customs and other analogous duties, local octroi or consumption duties, or incidental charges, levied on the importation or exportation of goods through the maritime ports situated under the sovereignty or authority of the Contracting State, the flag of the vessel must not be taken into account and, accordingly, no distinction may be made to the detriment of the flag of any Contracting State whatsoever as between that flag and the flag of the State under whose sovereignty or authority the port is situated, or the flag of any other State whatsoever.
Article 6
In order that the principle of equal treatment in maritime ports laid down in Article 2 may not be rendered ineffective in practice by the adoption of other methods of discrimination against the vessels of a Contracting State using such ports, each Contracting State undertakes to apply the provisions of Articles 4, 20, 21 and 22 of the statute annexed to the Convention on the International Regime of Railways, signed at Geneva, on December 9, 1923, so far as they are applicable to traffic to or from a maritime port, whether or not such Contracting States is a party to the said Convention on the International Regime of Railways. The aforesaid Articles are to be interpreted in conformity with the provisions of the protocol of signature of the said convention.
Article 7
Unless there are special reasons justifying an exception, such as those based upon special geographical, economic or technical conditions, the customs duties levied in any maritime port situated under the sovereignty or authority of a Contracting State may not exceed the duties levied on the other customs frontiers of the said State on goods of the same kind, source or destination.
If, for special reasons as set out above, a Contracting State grants special customs facilities on other routes for the importation or exportation of goods, it shall not use these facilities as a means of discriminating unfairly against importation or exportation through the maritime ports situated under its sovereignty or authority.
Article 8
Each of the Contracting States reserves the power, after giving notice through diplomatic channels, of suspending the benefit of equality of treatment from any vessel of a State which does not effectively apply, in any maritime port situated under its sovereignty or authority, the provisions of this statute to the vessels of the said Contracting State, their cargoes and passengers.
In the event of action being taken as provided in the preceding paragraph, the State which has taken action and the State against which action is taken, shall both alike have the right of applying to the Permanent Court of International Justice by an application addressed to the Registrar; and the Court shall settle the matter in accordance with the rules of summary procedure.
Every Contracting State shall, however, have the right at the time of signing or ratifying this convention, of declaring that it renounces the right of taking action as provided in the first paragraph of this Article against any other State which may make a similar declaration.

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