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In the Way of (Re)Discovering the Regional Museums as a Product

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In the Way of (Re)Discovering the Regional Museums as a Product

Tanja Čajavec, Director, Youth Centre Celje, Slovenia
Is there any point in discussing the marketing in the Regional Museums of Slovenia if there are no determined products by the definition itself who we might promote and sell on the cultural market of tomorrow?

There are some museums, however, named Pokrajinski (regional), such as the one in Celje (case study: POKRAJINSKI MUZEJ CELJE), but they are more historical than informational.

Nevertheless, those museums should be informational and historical promoters of the region and the starting point of discovering the customs and beauties of the region – when and if they are recognised and developed as such.

If we do not recognise the importance of the Regional Museums, how can we expect others (founders and visitors) to appreciate their existence and the information there are sharing with all of us?

We are still in a transitional period and, in a way, we are waiting for others (government, professionals, visitors) to define our role in local, regional, national and global development. Should we still wait or are we already too late? We definitely cannot wait any longer, because we are already in a process of transforming our museums (since 1991), their goals, collections and names. And with hard work we can manage to catch up with the missed years of promoting the region by collecting, preserving and transmitting information in historical, ethnographic, art historian, etc. way.

Case study: POKRAJINSKI MUZEJ CELJE – THE REGIONAL MUSEUM OF THE SAVINJSKA VALLEY should be the colourful promoter of the Savinjska region, its past and present, and the one which would be more ethnographic or anthropological rather than simply historical.

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